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End-Time Intercessory Prayer Ministry

ETIPM Is An International, Non-Denominational, Tele-Conference Prayer Ministry

Weekly Prayer Topics, Schedules & Events

Mondays -
5:00am  |  12:00pm  | 6:00pm EST:  

Family Concerns

Tuesdays - 5:00am  | 12:00pm  | 6:00pm | 9:00pm (New) EST
Health Concerns | Children (9:00pm / ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Wednesdays - 5:00am  | 12:00pm EST

Leadership in the Home, Church & World 

Thursdays - 5:00am  |  12:00pm  | 6:00pm | 9:00pm (New) EST
God’s Favor, Financial Breakthroughs, God’s Protection & Covering | 
Children (9:00pm)  / ON HOLD FOR NOW

Fridays - 5:00am  |  12:00pm EST:

Intimacy With God,  Salvation, Re-Dedication, Nations. 

Celebration of the Table of our Lord - 5:00am session only!

Saturdays - 5:00am EST:

Zakar Man (Male Man), U’neqevah (Female Man), Marriages, Singles 

Sundays - 5:00am  |  6:00pm EST:

Ministers & Ministries, The Bride of Christ

Special at 6:00pm:  Concert of Praise, Love & Adoration to the Lord


Please join us every Friday for COMMUNION at our 5:00am (EST) session as we honor and celebrate the Table of our Lord!